What’s so good about SUST?

50g is a very small amount of food, but one serving of SUST is so nutrient dense it can keep an adult going for 4 hours or 5 hours.  That’s 10g per hour!  Once you realise just how fuel efficient the human body is when it is fuelled correctly i.e. no wasted or empty calories from sugar, you can soon see how two meals of SUST per day plus one evening meal is a very efficient way of fuelling a human being.

Weight gain is caused precisely because the human body is so efficient, the evidence is all around us, literally!  Every single calorie we eat that is not used for fuelling our activity is stored as body fat so it can be used later. It’s impossible to overeat SUST because one packet is one serving. Perfect portion control.  SUST creates no food waste either in our food factory or in your home. Zero waste, zero spoilage, zero plastic, zero to landfill and zero to worry about.  

A recent study found that a typical chilled supermarket sandwich generates 1030-1441 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq.). That’s equivalent to CO2 emissions from driving a car for 12 miles. Whereas a 50g serving of SUST with 200ml of Oatly oat Milk has a carbon footprint of just 85g CO2 emissions.

Keeping sandwiches chilled in supermarkets and shops also contributes to their carbon footprint. This can account for up to a quarter of their greenhouse gas emission equivalent. Then there is the packaging material which comes in at up to 8.5 % and, finally, transporting materials and refrigerating sandwiches themselves adds a further 4%.

The study also concludes that the carbon footprint of snacks could be reduced by as much as 50% if a combination of changes were made to the recipes, packaging and waste disposal, including extending sell-by and use-by dates to reduce waste. It also recommends reducing or omitting certain ingredients that have a higher carbon footprint, like lettuce, tomato, cheese and meat.

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