vegan shakes

Vegan, plant based, wholefood meal shake

As well as being 100% plant based and minimally processed, all of our SUST shakes are vegan.

SUST shakes are a healthy vegan breakfast fix when you need to be somewhere else in a hurry, a light anytime vegan meal replacement or a natural alternative to vegan protein powder.

They are high in plant-based protein, essential fats and fibre from nutritious whole foods to keep your energy and nutrition levels high, even when you’re short on time.

Nutrition from whole food ingredients

Our vegan products are finely tuned for the perfect whole food, plant-based diet. SUST is made from 70% ground seeds, nuts and a premium blend of plant-based protein made from yellow peas, brown rice and cold-pressed hemp seed. This ensures SUST provides a well-rounded protein source. with all nine essential amino acids.

Our locally sourced plant proteins come from the most sustainable crops and are regularly tested for unwelcome heavy metals, gluten and pesticides.

Rest assured our vegan products are made and assembled down a meticulously managed production line within our purpose-built facility that’s been diligently checked and certified by our vigilant friends at the Vegetarian Society.

Quality, whole food ingredients

When we talk whole foods we mean exactly that – UK grown hemp, sustainable sunflower seed, Greek pumpkin seeds, British golden flaxseed,  Organic coconut, whole British chia seeds subtly flavoured with real ingredients like cocoa. click here to find out more.

We’re a straight-talking, uncompromising business which takes our commitment to ‘sustainable,’ natural & ‘good-for-you’ ingredients very seriously indeed.

We certainly don’t attempt to muddy the waters dabbling with any shady, dare we say, disingenuous ingredients like defatted powders, refined seed oils, flavourings, gums or preservatives.  We also don’t mingle with any ‘quick fix’ fillers, synthetic nutrients or artificial sweeteners, because if we did we wouldn’t use SUST ourselves!

Our shake’s all-natural make-up means that our SUST shakes aren’t the sweetest vegan meal shakes in town, so if your taste buds crave a little sweetness, it might make sense to add a little fruit.

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