The simple SUST, image of Oatly, SUST packet and chocolate shake

The simple SUST

Keep it simple, keep it SUST. All it takes is a sachet of SUST, some milk and a blender to make a planet-friendly and nutrient-dense meal.

We recommend using a bullet-style blender as they’re less of a faff and much easier to clean. But any blender or whizzy-thing you’ve got hanging around in the kitchen should do the job!

  • Pour 200 ml milk into your blender
  • Add in 1 sachet of Sust
  • Give it a whizz for 20 seconds
  • Pour into a glass


Extra thick?

Follow steps 1-3 as above, but then leave the mix to sit for a couple of minutes to thicken up. Give it another quick blitz before pouring it into your glass.

Smooth criminal?

Blend, blend and then blend some more – somewhere between 40-60 seconds should do the trick!

Got milk?

SUST tastes great with any kind of milk, but if you ask us, oat milk is where it’s at. Why? We’ll let the stats do the talking. Our go-to brand, Oatly, has a verified carbon footprint of just 0.41 kg Co2 per kg (litre), compared to the 1.25kg Co2 per kg (litre) footprint that comes with cow’s milk.

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